About This Site

This all started as a car advert on my Virgin Net homepage area. Then a few things happened:

1: I thought I should learn a bit of html- I realised that I knew a reasonable amount about internet servers, and NOTHING about the pages they provide!

2: I wanted to register a domain name to become independent of my ISP's POP server, so I could move ISP easily

3: I realised this was the easiest way I could find to publicly ridicule people on a wide range of topics, which seemed like great fun.

The Pigsty was born! By my own admission, a rather poor website, but it keeps me occupied in between all the other loserish things I do. A few people even seem to like it (!). Why pigsty? Simple. I like pigs. They're cute. They're clever. They Taste good.

I've been asked how VWRC came into being: Simple. I thought it would be a giggle.

Talking of the loserish things, the reason the site has only really had a few minor updates lately is I'm becoming more of a loser by the day. Pigsty world headquarters now has a multi-room (ie: 2) ethernet network, cable internet (how am I going to guage download times now?), A IPCop firewall/NAT/router, and a Redhat Linux file/print server and webcache. I've also frequented a few pubs, unusually enough, and even done a very small amount of diy. Hell, I've even set about the scirocco with a variety of tools that a sane world wouldn't let me use, resulting in some very unsightly cuts, holes and other mayhem.

Apologies if the fonts are a bit all over the shop. I'm altering them as I edit pages.