About Me

My name's Chris, though I seem to have developed a web-bodging alter-ego along the way. Very few people call me Christopher these days, now that it bothers me less. I'm now 40 years old, and still continue to look, and indeed feel older than that, despite managing to be remarkably immature at times.

I live in Walsall, a fairly large town about 10 miles north of Birmingham, in the West Midlands, UK, and I'm still married to Mary who continues to put up with me. I no longer work for the University of Wolverhampton, which is a source of great happiness for me. I may still have to knock up some new supposedly funny pages mocking former colleagues, if I can think of anything funny, as opposed to just nasty to say.

I still work in IT, (but I'm not saying where) largely supporting products of the evil empire, some of which I have a healthy dislike for, and some that I grudgingly respect.

I like my cars German(ish), my food Indian, and my beer coldish. The list of things I dislike is long and varied- though the blog often covers those.

This site represents me handcoding crap HTML, and some simple CSS. Sometimes I spell things correctly, and some people have accused this site of being funny, though they were probably desperate or mentally ill.

I have a number of sad interests. I verge on being obsessed with cars. There's some related stuff here. I also bugger about with computers a bit. This is my first attempt at a website, although it has changed over time. It's satisfying that this isn't the worst site I've seen (by quite a margin!). I like hifi, and music. I spend far too much time playing with computers running Linux. My idea of an ideal evening out generally involves beer and curry, and a pub you can sit down in because I'm a sophisticated, multi-faceted kind of person.