AskKeith is my interactive expert system designed to simulate the actual behaviour of an undisclosed IT managment guru. It was inspired by AskJeeves the meta-search engine, and my own excess consumption of alcohol, aided by a bunch of idiots. Of course AskJeeves has a large budget and many skilled professionals. CyberKeith unfortunatley relies on me and a copy of gnotepad on RedHat to create a slightly poor relation.

CyberKeith controls the IT budget IN TOTAL. He's heard of MS Windows, PC's, Linux, Initiative, and new ways of doing things, but doesn't think it will catch on, unless told so by an overpaid, inexperienced, moronic consultant.

However, the various flaws in this program are made up for by the fact that it WILL make a decision, quickly, and then rigidly stick to it whether it's sensible, idiotic, or indeed impossible.

[Type your question in plain, sensible English]

Enlighten me with your Wisdom, CyberKeith

DISCLAIMER: CyberKeith is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental, no matter how familiar they may seem to anyone.