AskWoody is the new, improved completely different option to AskKeith. It struck me that cyberkeith is somewhat inflexible and predictable in it's answers (how did that happen?) and a rewrite was required. I'm hoping SimuWoody will hammer the previous, flawed system into the ground..

SimuWoody (tm) adds a new dimension to things, and a new set of results. Most importantly, SimuWoody was concieved without the aid of alcohol!!!!! (Thanks Twig!)

Even better. SimuWoody (tm) was just a minor upgrade from CyberKeith. All that extra functionality, for so little extra effort!

Just remember to type slowly, and not use complicated words. SimuWoody may take time to catch up!

SimuWoody, I need to make a change.
[Specify the change you wish to make in the box]
Enlighten me with your Wisdom, CyberKeith, I mean SimuWoody

DISCLAIMER: SimuWoody is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental, no matter how familiar they may seem to anyone. SimuWoody also displays a startling resemblance to Cyberkeith, for reasons that escape me.