OK. here's the deal. Take one Ibiza TDi, one owner from new, well looked after to the point of obsession, and have someone bend it.

Then allow Gemini Accident Repairs, as 'reccomended' by Churchill Insurance to f**k it up good and proper.

If we forget the loose wheelbolts and crap paint on the bumper, the missing screws,and the general lack of attention to detail, and just move on to the list of shame:

the boot floor The boot floor after _something_ has pushed it upwards from below.

the boot floor from below The same thing viewed from below.

The spectacular panel joint The poorly welded, unprotected, rusty panel joint

The last one really is spectacular. I thought I'd seen some dodgy work here, but this has inadequate welding, no corrosion protection, and is rusting. (This photo was taken 4 days after I got the car back!!!!). The joint should all look like the bit in the top of the picture, and be seam welded. This has, I think, been blu-tacked on.


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