Sad Obsession with Cars

I admit it. I'm perfectly happy to bore people silly about cars. Mainly cars from the VW group, but also Minis (not that BMW thing though!) and anything else if someone else sad enough is nearby. Even worse, I'm not just a petrolhead! I'll willingly bore anyone with the joys of owning a decent diesel car.

Worryingly I did seem to be developing a slight 'boy racer' taste in car accessories. I'm afraid the car looked too much like a girl's shopping motor without the alloys though. I've progressed through a poser's hatchback to the warm version of Grandad's shopping hatch instead.

My obsession also extends to a project car that was up for sale, but isn't any more. I'm ok with mechanical bits, damned good with electrics, poor on bodywork!

If you're as sad as me, you might find some interesting stuff on my links page.