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In the interests of being very very dull, and giving away my Geek status, here's some details of the PCs I have.

Everything I litter the internet with now gets there via Blueyonder high-speed internet. This means I can post huge JPEGs and not give a stuff about how long they take to download. ;-). To get there they go via my IPCop firewall- a very old and tired Pentium Pro 200 machine that was liberated from a skip. IPCop does NAT for the other machines on the LAN, and has a seperately firewalled DMZ and wireless zone.

The PC tally is as follows: One dual-boot WinXP/Mepis Linux, one WinXPHome/Mepis Dual boot laptop, a PII 400Mhz Webserver running Debian Woody (probably soon to be Sarge) that hosts my blog and a Duron 1.2G Debian machine that does file/print sharing , intranet web server (handy for site testing!),mail sending and delivery, and web caching. There's even a Sharp Zaurus SL5500 PDA about here somewhere.

All the web pages are compiled on the Mepis installation, because it's got the best text editors, Graphic manipulation programs, and FTP client, and I can distract myself with totally region-free DVD playing and a decent CD player application. Mepis is the wimps way to do Debian with easy hardware support, and all the toys you want.

For anyone interested, my work environment OS of choice is WinXP and Mepis on a workstation, and either Debian or [shudder] Windows Server 2K3, if I absolutely have to.

I don't hate MS Windows, unlike some Linux users, (don't ask me about Exchange though- quite possible the lousiest MTA in existence), but I believe in using the best OS for your purpose. My ordinary browsing, word processing and mail get done in WinXP or Mepis- whichever is more convenient. The 'proper' stuff like server/network functions are done with Linux, because you can do something worthwhile with an old PC.

The LAN has seen a bit of an upgrade- it's now 100MBit/sec. Ok. I admit it. you *can* tell the difference ;-), and there's now a wireless LAN too- 802.11g, firewalled, and WPA encrypted. Dammit if I haven't jumped on the bandwagon and got a bloody web camera too.

There's a bit more on the Tolerance and Understanding page.