Maybe I'm just a big soft puff, but I like a lot of cute creatures. I like pigs, but not enough to stop me eating them. I also think cats, dogs, (pet) rats, foxes squirrels and hedghogs are really cool, but I'm not in any hurry to put them between 2 slices of bread. About the coolest creature I've yet found is the Quokka, native to Rottnest Island, near Perth, Western Australia. It's about cat sized, looks like a rat (or Rot!), and is a marsupial. There's some info here.

When it comes to pets, I had one stupid, lazy fat cat called Jess, who is missing in action, presumed dead. She, and her replacement [pics soon] both came from The Blue Cross at Bromsgrove. I have to report the sad loss of both Ritchie and Eddie. Eddie died in November, and Ritchie has gone too. Eddie is part of the extensive ratty gravesite in my garden (under the lawn!) that will give any future owners of my house something to think about. Rats just don't live that long, hence the number of burials. Ritchie was buried at his 'holiday home' in Pelsall.

However, we just love rats. The latest pair now have their very own page hadcrafted in crap HTML.

Pic of Ritchie the RatPic of Eddie the Rat