The Cut and Shut Gallery

Interior view, minus dash Inside the door pillar, just before removal View of rear pillar
View along panel to rear

The current rear quarter The replacement chopped from D929
A92 minus the majority of it's qtr panel A92's window apeture close up

In order:
1. The inside of D929 minus dash
2. The chopped door pillar
3. The rear pillar
4. A scary view along the car
5. Where the panel is supposed to end up!
6. The 'new' panel that I'm currently clearing of the bits of adjacent panels.
7. A92 having had the 'old' panel 90% removed.
8. The windows apeture showing the drilled spotwelds. Its a similar process elsewhere.

More pictures to come, including the comedic results of me trying to join this panel to A92!.