Fry and Bender

This page shows Fry and Bender, my now sadly deceased Ratty buddies. Fry died in January 2005, and Bender in November 2004. Their permanent resting place is now in the ratty graveyard. We've now decided not to have any more ratties: This has nothing to do with the rapidly diminishing number of potential rodent graves available, and rather more to do with the fact that we don't give them enough attention. Meowth can, and indeed does, plague us for attention if she needs in, but the ratties couldn't. It's also very sad when they die.

Ratty Mates Here they are after only a few days with us.
I tawt I taw a puddy tat Meowth Captivated by Fry.
a-creepin up on me Meowth Captivated by Bender
Growing up The boys out while their cage is cleaned. They were quite small here..

Fry and Bender are named after the two characters from Futurama. Bender is, like his cartoon namesake, the naughty, loveable rogue. Fry seems as lazy as the cartoon Fry too.

Meowth evidently thinks we *do* need rodents in the house and has compensated for our sad loss by bringing assorted mice in. Unfortunately she feels the need to reduce them to kit form beforehand.