Stuff I like on the Internet

Car related links

The Mini Webring

Fred's TDI Page Lots of TDi information. If you need convincing to consider a diesel car, look here.

Scirocco owners club Lots of info about one of my favourite cars.

The only car maker worth considering , oh, apart from this.

Computer and Internet Links

Any Browser Campaign for a non browser-specific www. This is important. My site may be crap, but it's not browser specific! It even looks ok with the text-mode browser, Lynx. Help the future of the web!

Wordpress. What I use for my blog. It's pretty easy to set up if you have Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Mozilla Project the only place to get email clients and web browsers.

Slashdot Tech and computing news. Strong linux/Open source bias.

Debian Linux My new OS of choice. Cheap, easy web hosting, domain registrations, Website Design, and more. Have my personal recommendation. They didn't write this crappy HTML- so that's recommendation enough.

IPCop, a derivative of Smoothwall [below] with improved ADSL support and a couple of extra bits.

Smoothwall, The original custom-built linux firewall- turn a P90 into a powerful firewall/NAT/Web proxy..

Google. I'm still convinced about Google. Fast, accurate, linux powered. The sad techie choice.

Linux Format Magazine. The best linux magazine I've found.

The GIMP. GNU Image Manipulation Program. I used it to fiddle about with the Pics on this site. It's a supplied with most Linux Distributions. Hell there's even a Windows version, if you really want.


National Fancy Rat Society

Other stuff

Need to know Sarcasm aimed *mostly* at IT

Dogbert's new ruling classdon't be an induhvidual!


Walsall Links

Ugly Walsall. The now sadly absent site that pointed out the inconsiderate nature of some poeple in the town. The site was often misunderstood, informative, and technically good. 'George Roper' provided help and advice with my crappy pages, and did Walsall a service.

Walsall Wonderland has reappeared after some unwelcome attention from someone with a sense of humour failure. This means the Pigsty again seems even less funny than recently. Probably the slickest site about Walsall, certainly the funniest.

SandalandSoxer A site dedicated to ridiculing those that choose to wear socks and sandals together. This is A Good Thing and to be encouraged. It gets listed here as it is another Walsall-based site. It's also very funny.

Other Links Geocaching is a kind of techie treasure hunt for people with GPS receivers. Fun, even if it makes you look like you are studying your mobile phone intently.