Urban Myths of the West Midlands

I only have one contender myself, so I'm looking for help here.

This one was told to me close on 15 years ago in the Old Bush in Pelsall (home of the VWRC paddock), by (IIRC) Mark 'Eddy' Edmonds. A friend of his a few years older than us (can't remember who, sorry) had recounted to him the tale of his parents' holiday.

His parents, I should mention, lived in Pelsall

They'd gone away for a stay in Blackpool. It was late September or early October. (Clue!) They were having a good enough time of things- the lights, the attractions, the shows etc. All was well.

They decided a mystery tour might be nice., so booked up and got on a coach.

After some time, something didn't seem right. M6 junctions counting down.

Suffice to say they ended up here and went home for a cup of tea.

I have NO IDEA if this is true, but I remember Eddy was an shining example of honesty, integrity, and trustworthyness. (update: I've now had 3 responses (including a fully verified one) to this story- they are here).

If anyone has any more info, then mail me.