Other People's Rants

If you too have an entirely reasonable, Measured comment to make upon other people Join In!.
The first (of very few!) to do so is Lee, who comments (after reading my DIY shop rant) that "Were DIY store staff all born by Caesarian Section, because they couldn't have found their own way out".

That's a bit unkind, I think, but funny. So on it goes.

A new contribution, from Larrykins. He suggests that "I'm going soft" and that "I must like Metros really". It's true actually. I do like Metros. Especially MG Metros, as they're a good thing to donate an engine to a Mini.

There's another suggestion from the same household. Julia (or at least that's what the mail said) issues just one word: Builders. That's hardly a rant, but as it comes from a family with a long and glorious history of tolerance, I'll post it.