Meowth the Cat

Our current puss-cat friend to torment the rodents with is another Blue Cross rescue, her name is now Meowth. Yes, after the bloody pokemon.

This name is a bit wierd, and she doesn't answer to it. The only thing she resonds to is 'Puss' which isn't a very imaginitive name, and 'Meowth' casues no end of difficulty at the vets.

She's about 7, furry, noisy, and cute, but very very stupid. She seems to have no road sense, so I'm hoping she manages to avoid becoming flat. She seems to find a mouse pointer fascinating. Just at the moment she's doing the web a favour by stopping me editing this page.

New Stupid Furry Pal Meowth in typical below-table hiding place. Usual story- click for bigger pic.

I know I've fallen into the "here's pictures of my cat" trap here. If you don't like it, Go Somewhere else.