Other stuff

This is all the other stuff that doesn't fit elswhere. Until I think of some thing else, it's going to be a bit bare. I would however like to pass on my thanks to George Roper (from Ugly Walsall- see links) for his constructive criticism- and the link (where did you get the cool graphic?), and also for the story from the Express and Star About how residents in Brazil got so sick of the roads near them that they planted 80 banana trees in the gaps in the tarmac. Nice idea, but I don't think bananas will grow here in Walsall. If anyone has a suggestion, Mail the StyMaster and I'll post something.

On the subject of thanks, I'd like to thank Paul Williams for his comments. I'd like to, but I learned a long time ago to disregard all he says!

I'd also like to pass on my appreciation to Walsall Council- in particular the Highways Dept, who've given me The Virtual Walsall Rally Championship!. I'm very interested to discover that several of my VWRC stages have been resurfaced! (see VWRC for details) I can't imagine it's anything to do with VWRC, but it would be nice if it was. If you want to comment on the site (or even contrbute!) please Mail the StyMaster, or Use the blog. The guestbook's just full of spam.