Tolerance and Understanding

I'm a very understanding and tolerant person. Really. I'm well known for it. Anyone who says different is a f***wit. It's important to remember that 'I'm not opinionated, I'm just always right' as the keyring someone bought me said. I have no reason to think they could have been sarcastic, because they rarely are. I intend to make this page a list of the things that annoy me because they are wrong, and I'm right and being more than understanding of their point of view. If you disagree, click on the link You are talking bollocks and once there's a few I'll knock up some crap html along the lines of 'Chris Talks Bollocks Because.......'

In the meantime....

Cars and Drivers to Avoid

Evil, parasitic low-lives Who make a living out of the misery of others, and ensure that our insurance premiums continue to rise, and that the UK will become a unfortunate sue-happy blame culture, just like the USA. [Update: Ha! The Accident Group have gone bust, and their employees looted the office on the way out! Cool!]

DIY Shops Don't get me wrong, DIY is OK. But why is it ANY visit to a DIY shop involves at least 40 quid, and a pack of 20 things when you only need one?

Companies with inadequate 'customer services' helplines. This DRIVES ME MAD. Having to spend hours in a queue to talk to someone who then fobs you off with a load of old shite. Here's one, here's another

This blueyonder support group which for the most part is frequented by people complaining about subjects they know nothing about. (This link might not work outside BY, or if your news service isn't set up- Sorry). Don't get me wrong- I don't think everyone should be network experts. It's just a bit tiresome when someone complains for the 27th time that the DNS isn't working because that's what MS Windows has told him or her. I'd hate to be BY support staff (or any other ISP, come to that). If you *are* an ISP support person, mail me with stories.

The Rants of Others