Watch out For:

This page resulted from a conversation with Mary while driving home. We were discussing which cars really need to be avoided (and usually overtaken!) after a particularly frustrating incident.

All Protons, All Volvo 300 series, some Metros, anything very old and undesireable but suspiciously shiny, Triumph Acclaims. Anything with those lovely reflective door protectors. Anything with a tartan blanket on the parcel shelf. Reason? Usually driven overly slowly and innatentively by incompetent dodderers.

Any large 4x4 driven by a housewife on the schoolrun with kids. Not because I think housewives can't drive full stop, or even that 4x4 drivers are inconsiderate. More that the little b*****ds distract the driver who is already struggling with 2 tonnes of poorly-handling metal.

Anything with 'Baby on Board' 'Child on Board' or similar stickers because it might as well say 'Simpleton on Board'.

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