The Paddock

I couldn't think of a better place to start than Pelsall. I'll let you make your mind up about the place.It's a village on the edge of the West Midlands conurbation, and is much loved by many of it's inhabitants.

Here's some small pictures of the 'highlights' of our route. Click the images, or follow the links in the text for a full view. Hold your mouse pointer over the small images for a description.

Pelsall Community Centre Victoria Rd. popular shortcut- for at least the past 30 years (!)> The traffic lights on the common. Astree Road. A real endurance test for car and driver.

I suggest we start here at Pelsall Community Centre (at the northmost junction of Station Road and Victoria Road), and take a immediate sprint down Victoria Road for no good reason apart from to piss off the small-minded individuals there that bought a house on a known shortcut and now feel the need to whinge about it.

[Update Jan 2002: The induhviduals have won! Walsall MBC has blown more money it hasn't got on new speed bumps and chicanes to cause accidents and damage to cars with. I'm buying shares in Kwik-Fit! It's nice to see sense taking hold. Or it would be.]

At the end turn right up Vicarage Rd to the lights at the common. For full spine-jarring effect turn right here. If required, you can stop here to change a wheel.

Turn left by the cenotaph into the High Street. If at all possible, while here try to mow down a few of the local yobs that are one of the few deeply unpleasant things about Pelsall. Take 1st left into Ashtree Rd for a real endurance test for car and driver.[StyMasters note 20/6/01- Ashtree Rd is being resurfaced!!!! This means I need a new, really challenging stage!]

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