VWRC Logo- thanks George

Anyone who's driven around Walsall in recent years cannot fail to wonder what's happening to our roads. You'll be pleased to know that I've got it sussed.

Walsall MBC are hoping to attract tourism, and interest in our town, by holding rally stages on the roads!

Soon, I believe that you'll be able to experience the thrill of high-powered rally cars thundering around Walsall. This and this alone can explain the sub-eastern-europe state of the road surface!

In view of this, and being public-spirited, I've decided to plan the route in advance, with some of my favourite spots included, as I know the council are hard up, because they charge residents so little. If you have a suggestion for a stage, Mail the Stymaster. Incidentally, if you mailed me about the Darlaston/Reedswood areas, get back in touch. I lost your email when my mail server suffered a disk failure!

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